USA National 2015


Story by days:

Day one:

By 8:30 am, we had the first 4 gold medals in the USA National Championship. There are 2,357 athletes from different places of the USA. From here will emerge the USA team for the next Pan-American Games and 2020 Olympic Games.

By noon, we had 5 gold medals and 3 bronze medals in Short and Long weapon competitions.

Our Young Winners are:

  1. Dainel Perez, Gold Medal in Short and Long weapons (Tonfas y Bo)
  2. Dannah Cisneros, Gold Medal in Short and Long weapons.
  3.  Caitlyn Casalins, Gold Medal in Short weapons.
  4.  Kathleen Socorro, Silver Medal in Short weapons.
  5.  Analydiam Camaraza, Bronze Medal in Short and Long weapons.
  6.  Jonal Hernandez, Bronze Medal in Short Weapons.
  7.  Andres Borque, Rafael Cisneros Benitez, Marcos Socorro.  3 Gold Medals. Team Kata Adults 35 up.

Day two: All Kata Divisions

  1. Jonal Hernandez,  Gold Medal
  2. Kathleen Socorro, Gold Medal
  3. Abraham M Cala, Gold Medal
  4. Beatriz Camaraza,  Silver Medal
  5. Analydiam Camaraza, Bronze Medal
  6. Javier Camaraza Jr, Bronze Medal
  7. Alec Borque, Bronze Medal
  8. Abraham M Cala. Gold Medal Beginner 12 years
  9. Alex Borque, Bronze Medal Kata 11 years

Day three: (Kumite)

  1. Jonal Hernandez – Gold Medal (Total: two gold and one bronze)
  2. Beatriz Camaraza – Silver Medal (Total: three silver medal)
  3. Jazmin Gomez – Gold Medal (Total: two gold medals)
  4. Sofia Rivero – Silver Medal ( Total: two silver medals)
  5. Dannah Cisneros – Gold Medal (Total: three gold medals)

Total: 16 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals, 7 Bronze Medals.


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