Summer Camp

Summer Camp

From 7:00 am-7:00 pm.

Breakfast, Lunch & Snack Included

Karate, Dance, Music, Acting & Painting


BEFORE MAY 20 — Just $115 p/week!

AFTER MAY 20 — $145 p/week

(For children ages 5-15)

Contact us now: 786-587-4190
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Summer Camp offers an unique opportunity to grow in confidence, new skills, friends and memories that last a lifetime. Activities are designed to build self-esteem, promote sportsmanship, and gain knowledge.

KARATE: A fun week for your children by allowing them to see how they can develop individually in the martial arts. Campers will receive a martial arts education in a kid-friendly environment combining fun, fitness, character education, and leadership development.

DANCE: A wonderful time for students and a great opportunity to dance, learn and improve with the highly talented of our teachers. Our Program is a way for students to excel in dance. For new students is an opportunity to know about the dance to take all classes offered in order to advance.

MUSIC:  Living summer is easy…Especially when you’ve got a special group of friends to make sweet music with! Join us for several weeks and start the journey into musicianship, theory and performance. Put everything you’ve learned to the test by taking the stage and playing your heart out at the end of the summer. At the end of summer, students and instructors will showcased a repertoire of songs in a live performance for family and friends.

ACTING & SINGING: The Theater summer camps are fun, high-energy programs that allow children’s to fully engage their imaginations as they experience the thrill of creating live theater. From learning the basic techniques of acting for the stage to developing improvisation and physical comedy skills, to putting it all together in a public performance. It will be a summer your child will never forget.

PAINTING & DRAWING: This class provides instruction in the fundamental approach, techniques, and concepts. Drawing will be taught almost exclusively using the human figure as a means of investigating line, contour, negative space, volume, light and composition using a wide array of media. Concurrently, you will focus in painting on the mechanics of working in oil paint, using human figure, landscape, still life, and photographic imagery as subject matter. You will complete at least three out of six paintings. The session will culminate in an exhibition.

Note:  Each class group will be divided by age according registration.
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