Kanmuri Dojo to 2107 National Championships

We are proud to announce that our team is now in Greenville, South Caroline, competing in the stronger championships in USA.

As a result of months and years of hard training, 14 of our athletes are now showing their skills in this fabulous sport and martial art.

The tournament spans from July, 19th thru July, 23th.

Some of our competitors have been three times in this championships and are looking for their third gold medals.

Follow us and you can be aware of the breaking news as well as the results every day.

Click here to see some pictures of our competitors.

Our Team:

Abraham M Cala, Beatriz Caridad Camaraza, Javier Perez, Anthony Carmona, Deandrey Rodriguez, Roberto Carlos Sosa, Yohan Berrio, Emma Casalins, Daniel Perez, Javier Camaraza Jr, Caitlyn R Casalins, Jonal Hernandez, Analidyam Camaraza, Roberto Rodriguez

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