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Okinawa 100 Katas in Kanmuri Dojo Karate Do Kobudo Miami

DOJO Kanmuri just joined the “100 Karate Kata Day for 2015” initiative promoted from Okinawa, Japan, by celebrating of the International Day of Karate, in the past October 25.

The initiative was inspired by the popular phrase “train hard 100 times”. It proposes is the repetition of a Kata 100 times, and to that date our school has chosen Kata “Ananku” and we have registered in the Japanese policy that sponsors this initiative worldwide.

The event began at 6:00 am (Japan time) on October 25, 2015. All registered dojos made the kata chosen for 100 repetitions. No time limit for completion, but it is assumed that the event can last about 2 hours. Open to all karate practitioners regardless of ages, styles and levels.

In Okinawa the event dates since back hundreds of years, and it is held within the grounds of Castle Zakimi Site, located in the village of Yomitan, whith the participation of several hundred local karate dojo. In the world, the participation of more than a hundred dojos was estimated.

For our part, Kanmuri Dojo, all karate students and all who wish to joined in the Tropical Park that day at 10.00 am were received.


Okinawa Challenge 100 katas

Okinawa Challenge 100 katas

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