shijanOur teacher, Shihan Carlos Riobo is a 6th Dan Black Belt in the style of Joshinmom Shorin Ryu and is also a 5th Dan Black Belt in Kobudo, which is the art of using traditional Japanese weapons.   Both ranks or belts have been obtained after in Japan with the style of Joshinmon’s own creator and Grandmaster, Soke Hoshu Ikeda.

Shihan Carlos Riobo has practiced karate for over 30 years and is one of the martial artists of higher ranking in the United States. A native of Cuba, was part of the national team on several occasions, and has participated in numerous international competitions including in the 2010 USA NATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP, where he won three medals.

With extensive experience as a teacher, he directed schools in Cuba, Canada, Spain and the United States. Currently a member and Referee of the USANKF Karate Federation.

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