Fall 2018-2019

This season our school continues our After School and Karate Do programs, teaching  one of the most important martial art in History. Our After School course has the mission of strengthening the knowledge they receive in school. We ensure that each child comes home with the duties compliments, helping their parents and allow them to enjoy the family time.

after-school-programOur After School Program is an  system with great benefits and with quality for their children after school.

  1. In the first instance allows the child to participate in a different environment with other children and other teachers. Here supervision for homework is personalized , not like the playground of the school. As a result, children with learning disabilities and attention are more likely to be included and feel part of the group.
  2. The academic support largely solves the difficulties of learning and attention, so if the children done his homeworks during an after-school program, the night can be more enjoyable for themselves and for their family.
  3. The after school in combination with other activities makes the learning more fun, because the programs also offers other activities without stress and that allow them to discover new interests.
  4. The programs also provides security and supervision, and today keep kids busy can prevent engage in risky behavior and dangerous activities. Studies also show that being in activities after school can result in better grades and fewer behavior problems
  5.  Self-esteem and self-confidence is another  of the great benefits of our program. The activities after school let our children try to new things and take positive risks. If your child has learning difficulties or behavioral focus on a different activity at school will help you gain confidence in themselves.


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